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Schilling Supply Company

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Isador Schilling

Adolph "A.J." Schilling (Isador's son)

Gustave Schilling (Isador's son)

 Brothers Richard, Robert and Allan Schilling (Gustave's sons)

Allan Jr. and John Schilling (Allan's sons)

Chip Schilling (Allan Jr.'s son)


About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the most respected, customer driven vendor by forming mutually beneficial partnerships with selected customers. We will achieve this by sustaining long term relationships between our customers, employees, and suppliers.

To our valued customers:

Schilling Supply Company (SSC) was established in 1897! We believe that we have been successful because of a belief that SSC has a vested interest in the success of our customers. SSC believes that a partnership exists which forms a friendship with our customers and our respective communities.

Schilling Supply has been very service oriented, and customers recognize our desire to serve and reward us with special requests. Our customer's success is our foremost goal. We believe that if the customer understands our genuine interest then they will reward SSC with their long term business relationship. So, from the small to the very large, you can expect good service from Schilling Supply Company. We wish to thank each and every one of you, our valued customers, for our continued growth and your support.

Company History

In 1859 RB Schilling came to La Crosse, Wisconsin from the Black Forest region of Germany and started a successful soap factory, featuring the brand “Sweet Home” soap.   Old settlers remembered “Sweet Home” from those days when “the Saturday night tub bath was a ritual and mother scrubbed the laundry by hand”.  When RB died in 1872, his brother Isador arrived to manage the business.  Isador eventually sold the soap factory in 1890 and purchased an interest in a meat packing plant.  He sold meat and sausage to the retail trade of La Crosse during the gaslight era.

Isador also invested in several grocery stores, which developed into a wholesale flour and feed business.  A big seller was a flour made in Galesville, Wisconsin called “Valley Queen.”  The company also distributed Pure Gold and Pillsbury’s Best brands of flour.  In 1897, with his two sons, Adolph and Gustave, he purchased a small stock of wrapping paper from a Minneapolis jobber and started Schilling Paper Company.  Isador then retired from active work in favor of his sons.

This was the start of a distribution business which grew with the increased use of paper for bags, towels, and containers.  When Adolph and Gustave Schilling eventually retired, they sold the business to the third generation.  Adolph sold his interest to his nephew Allan.  Gustav’s interest was purchased by his other two sons, Richard and Robert.

The three Schilling brothers were well prepared for the business.  All three started working at the paper company in their teens - sweeping the warehouse, making deliveries, unloading railroad cars, and filling orders.  This on-the-job training continued with the next two Schilling generations.

Ownership remained in the Schilling family, with Allan Jr. and John Schilling purchasing the business in 1973.  During their tenure, a great deal of expansion occurred, beginning with the 1975 purchase of Dieter Paper Supply in Rochester, Minnesota.  The company went on to make six other acquisitions by 1996, in addition to expanding to new markets via organic growth.  In 1997, Allan’s son, Chip purchased an interest in the business and changed the name to Schilling Supply Company in 2004.

Today, Schilling Supply Company employs around 100 people while doing business in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois.  The product mix has grown to include janitorial, paper, and packaging products, janitorial and packaging equipment, and other facility and industrial supplies.  With a state of the art distribution center in La Crosse that houses over 3000 SKU’s, a fleet of trucks, and average fill rates over 98.5%, Schilling Supply Company remains an important supplier to its over 5000 customers.  Satisfying its customers remains the driving force of the company to this day.

Chip Schilling