Sontara Aerospace Grade Wipes 12"x13" 500/cs

HSAC1213 MFG #: AC1213
$0.00 / CS
Consistently clean, exceptionally absorbent. These Sontara® aerospace grade wipes are clean right out of the box. In contrast, rental towels can still contain chemical residue, stains, and metal shavings after laundering. Sontara® aerospace grade wipes are great for wiping surfaces dry because they’re made of “thirsty” fiber blends that contain no additives that hinder absorbency. And they’re ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach corners and crevices. Sontara® aerospace grade wipes are specially engineered to resist snagging on metal parts and corners. That’s why they’re superior to paper wipes that snag and tear, leaving lint behind.
  • Features
  • Sontara AC® wipes feature performance advantages ideal for aerospace manufacturing and maintenance
  • They enable critical cleaning essential to industries like biotechnology, pharmaceutical, electronics and power generation, while equally effective in applications like machining, operations, preparation for coatings, applications and military weapons maintenance