SmartStock Tri-Tower Cutlery Dispenser Black

$0.00 / EA
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Detail: Dispenser
  • Type: SmartStock
The new Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® is a fully enclosed, touchless dispenser. The high capacity dispensers holds up the 390 utensils, and its one-at-a-time, automatic dispensing ensures the user only touches the cutlery they use. The innovation solution can improve hygiene, reduce waste, all while leaving your counter space looking clean and organized.
  • Features
  • AVAILABLE VIA ONE-TIME LEASE AGREEMENT with GP PRO or authorized distributor
  • HELPS TO REDUCE CUTLERY USAGE ON AVERAGE 31% VS OPEN BINS, when used with a SmartStock® dispenser
  • HYGIENIC DESIGN keeps utensils enclosed and helps protect from contaminants
  • SMARTSTOCK® CUTLERY helps elevate hygiene, reduce waste, improve sustainability and increase efficiency
  • COMPATIBLE WITH Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® Series-T Tri-Tower Disposable Plastic Cutlery Dispenser (DUSSTDSP3)