Eco Bowl Clip Deodorizer Cucumber Melon 12/bx

$0.00 / BX
  • Application: Bowl Clip
  • Color: Green
  • Scent: Cucumber Melon
  • Type: Solid
Get ahead of odors and attack them directly at the source. The Eco Bowl Clip contains 30 times more fragrance than the standard rim-stick and releases a consistent fragrance load over 30 days. Simply place the clip, logo side out, on the toilet rim and lower the seat to secure it.
  • Features
  • Clips discreetly under the toilet seat, so the Eco Clipputs fragrance where you need it most, at the source
  • In the ladies room, when the seat goes down; it stays down,keeping the clip securely in place. Versatile with many otherapplications as shown.
  • The Eco Clip’s unique patent pending material contains20x more fragrance than standard rimsticks and eliminatesodors for 30 days.
  • The Eco Clip is 100% recyclable, won’t dissolve when wet, orpollute the water. VOC compliant and for sale in all 50 states.